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Hyperkin Game Genie offers lifeline for tough DS games

Hyperkin Game Genie Unlocks DS titles

We all know that even the hardcore gamers need little help sometimes. There are some games which are very easy to complete but some are so tough that you may never see the end credits. Till now you have been downloading the walkthroughs from which would have helped you initially but never a perfect solution to defeat that end-level boss or cross a certain stage. You have been frantically searching for some ‘cheat’ or ‘code’ to arm the character with some special powers or weapons. But the long wait is now over.

Game genie

There is some good news for DS fans. Hyperkin has released Game Genie which can unlock secret codes in your favorite DS games. The Game Genie can unlock the secret codes of more than 300 game titles. The Game Genie can also work with other handheld systems like 3DS, DSi, DSi XL and DS Lite. The Game Genie gives complete access to codes that will give you power-ups such as unlimited lives. Now you can even unlock the hugely popular games like Call of Duty, Pokemon and New Super Mario Bros. This little gadget will enhance our gaming experience with DS and even allow you to listen to MP3 music. You may even visit to download the latest codes. Several new codes are being added to the database on a regular basis as and when new games are released in the market. However, only owners of Game Genie can avail of the online service.

Product highlights

The Game Genie is very easy to use and not at all high priced. It is a power tool to unlock more than 300 games on the DS platform. The Game Genie has more than 60,000 codes and those who are having DS systems with built-in Wi-Fi can receive the upgrades directly to the Game Genie. The product is available at at a price of $19.99.

Math Trainer to help your Math grades

Those with a weak brain for math and find Brain Age extremely challenging, there is still hope for you yet with this Japanese title called Math Trainer. It offers a whole gamut of (fun) mathematical problems to solve, from the basic addition and subtraction to the more complex multiplication and division. Needless to say, problems get trickier the further the player progresses in the game. Somehow, Nintendo DS titles that involve a whole lot of brain power and touching seem to lean more toward the smartphone variety. Source: DS Fanboy

SimCity is one of the unwavering icons of gaming, sparking off a whole genre of simulation type games back in the early 90s that had gamers glued to their computers for days on end without showering or eating. Cellphone technology has advanced to such a level that they are actually mini mobile computers that pack more than enough power to run the great classic SimCity without running into any snags whatsoever. Developed by EA Mobile, this miniaturized version follows the same story arc, where you are the prima donna city planner who plans to build a bustling metropolis from nothing. What is the last frontier for SimCity? Pen and paper? Source: Mobile Mag

Nokia to re-enter portable gaming market

They say that third time’s the charm, and Nokia would probably bank on that adage being true after the colossal failure of its NGage and NGage QD gaming phones that were nothing but a novelty. Their next generation cellphones will be powerful enough to compete with the likes of the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, and their commitment has been underlined with the presence of established publishers and developers who have already signed up with Nokia to develop content for the current N-Series phones and S60 software. If that is Warcraft III I see in the concept photo, then consider me sold. Who cares if I’ve got constipation? That means I have more time to squeeze in for gaming the next time I attempt to take a dump. Source: Esato

Lifesigns – yet another Hospital game

Can’t get enough of Trauma Center: Under the Knife? Fret not, there is more hospital action coming your way with Lifesigns: Hospital Affairs for the Nintendo DS platform. As usual, you play the protagonist who has the task of saving lives inside Lifesigns. The difference of a single second could mean life or death for you, so make sure you steady those jittery hands when performing a delicate surgery procedure. You begin as an assistant doctor who talks and operates his way to the top of the food chain, touching lives in the process. In fact, the entire thing works out pretty much like one of those Japanese soap operas you catch on TV. The gameplay claims to be open-ended without any linearity, but that remains to be seen. All I know is I’m stoked with the idea of the possibilities offered in Lifesigns. You can expect to see this title hit stores sometime in Q1 2007. Source: DS-X2


Undercover: Dual Motives for DS

The Nintendo DS’ microphone function is underutilized in games, and I always was a little bit apprehensive of it as I wouldn’t want to get spit all over my precious DS during frantic gameplay moments. Apparently Undercover: Dual Motives will make use of the microphone in some of the more endearing moments within. Imagine blowing paper darts at him literally by aiming with the stylus on one hand and puffing away. Anyone who sees you doing that in public will probably get turned off and complain about how the DS teaches people to be rude, but they just don’t get the point do they? No idea on when Undercover: Dual Motives will be released, but the screenshots on the right (not sure if it is actual gameplay or not) look pretty sweet. Source: DS Fanboy

Arvale: Short Tales now available

The Pocket PC platform is often maligned and overlooked when it comes to quality games, but Arvale: Short Tales is a RPG that can be considered as an epic on your communication device. Being the third game in this instalment, you can pick up Arvale: Short Tales for $19.95 in a try or buy offer. Expect to clock up anywhere between 10 to 20 hours with this game, and with over 30 locations and hundred of detailed maps, characters, and a noteworthy bestiary, you would have a great time completing all four stories inside. We’re nto sure what a ninja with a pirate’s eye-patch is doing inside the game though, although the sorceress must’ve done some great magic to achieve those bulbuous breasts. Source: Pocket Gamer

EA to bring Sim Theme Park to DS

I guess the DS platform is really ideal to bring old PC classics as it features the perfect input format. Electronic Arts has announced that they will be porting over the Theme Park simulation for the DS, and word on the street is a Japanese version will be released next March. Several German sources have cited a similar launch date for Europe, but do take all that news with a pinch of salt. EA might be in the bad books of most people for producing sub-par games, but it is a good thing to see younger gamers pick up classics in this day and age of High Definition gaming. Source: DS-x2

Cake Mania making its way to the DS

Looks like the Nintendo DS isn’t limited to new genres thanks to its unique input system, it also offers more than enough firepower to handle Flash ports, and Cake Mania is one of the upcoming titles that might retail at an incredibly low $19.99. Despite being able to play it all over the Internet, there is something about bringing this game everywhere you go with the DS. Cake Mania is actually a baking sim (can you believe it) that features you, the young chef Jill who is charged with the task to save the family business by baking her way to success. Amongst the activities Jill is involved in would be taking part in various baking shows across exotic locations such as Hawaii and even in a casino. There are 80 levels which have been faithfully reproduced from the original Flash game, and gamers can also expect the Back to the Bakery expansion to be bundled with each purchase. Source: DS Fanboy

Guitar Hero III for DS gets official nod


Already rumored a lot for the DS, Neversoft Guitar Hero III finally has received an official nod for the Nintendo’s handy platform. Talking to Cnet, Red Octane’s COO, Charles Huang clued that Guitar Hero DS is in the works. With handheld’s unique features like dual-screen and touch-screen panels, the game will play exceptional.

Describing the DS version, Huang explained that the developing team is trying to offer some very different approaches by bringing empirically tested game to the portable platform so as to make handheld version a unique experience, which is on par with consoles’.

However, the big question taking high tides in my mind is how would we control the game without a full-size guitar? Will the developer introduce a tiny guitar or embed a couple of buttons that stick on the DS? However, the official did say nothing, but emphasized on its affordability fitting within the environment which people usually play DS games in.

How the game will play on the handheld still remains a mystery however, but undeniably, they will have to come up with some cool stuff because everyone would refuse to play Guitar Hero without a guitar.

Guitar Hero III is originally developed as a console game that will support all three next-gen consoles with PS2 as it makes its debut this October.

A look at seized Game Boy Resident Evil games

On the pages of GoNintendo on May 1st, we have found some youtube videos showing off test version of two Resident Evil canceled titles for GameBoy Color and Game Boy Advance. The respective RE titles are Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2.

The posted videos illustrate the Resident Evil pretty nicely tuned with both handheld platforms. One would have never though of Resident Evil GC goodness, but after watching the videos over youtube, has left all us thunderstruck.

Unfortunately, the development was later canceled on both of these titles.

Enjoy the video goodness below.

Bubble Bobble for DS – again

Granted, the first Bubble Bobble game on the DS was nothing short of a disaster, but like real life itself, everybody deserves a second chance. Rising Star Games has taken the task of developing a spanking new Bubble Bobble game for the DS. This title will be published by Taito, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this version will offer something better and more engaging than the previous outing.

Titled Bubble Bobble Double Shot, you can expect this game to feature the original, frantic gameplay that was so engaging along with upgraded graphics and the ability for players to switch between characters on-the-fly to combat color-coded enemies. Multiplayer gaming involves just local wireless play, with no final word on whether WiFi Connect-enabled gameplay is available.

Friday Classics: Super Mario Land

Portagames will be running a weekly feature that touches on the rich heritage of portable gaming’s greatest classics every Friday. Readers are more than welcome to send in their tips and suggestions for write-up to relive those glory days back when AA batteries are a staple weapon in every child’s portable gaming arsenal.

We will take a look at Mario’s very first adventure in Nintendo’s maiden debut in the handheld arena. Super Mario Land was released the same year the Game Boy was introduced to the world way back in 1989.


Princess Daisy was in the evil clutches of Tatanga, the Mysterious Spaceman. Mario had to go through four different worlds in order to free his beloved Daisy, with the end culminating in a dogfight with the fireball spitting Tatanga.

Everything about Super Mario Land was perfect – the game score went along with the game very nicely, leading you to tense moments when you squared off with the end-level bosses as well as speeding up as the clock ticks down. Controls were tight, and you have no one to blame but yourself when Mario bowls over and dies due to a momentary lapse of concentration.

Who could forget the hard mode which is accessible once you complete Super Mario Land once? There were more enemies to stomp on, and new traps appear in previously safe places. Truly one of the battery-busting games on the Game Boy as you kept pushing yourself to achieve faster times.

I can’t forget how many hours I spend playing Super Mario Land that my grades at school were affected negatively. Super Mario Land is truly an instant classic, and it is more than capable of holding its own even if it was released in this day and age. Without the dot-matrix graphics, of course ;)

SimCity with a Japanese twist

Ah, who would’ve thought that bringing the touch function to the handheld platform would’ve spawned new genres of gameplay as well as breathing new life into old classics?

Check out the SimCity DS screen on the right – everything is in Japanese, but according to Google’s translation, SimCity DS will be based on the PC version of SimCity 3000. It won’t be a standard port, but will come across as a complete remake from ground up in order to take advantage of certain features that are exclusive only to the DS.

There will be many references made to Japan in terms of the landscape and buildings, so all your Manga-heads will probably be drooling in anticipation by now.

Will the release of SimCity DS bring a totally new gameplay experience compared to Palm/PDA/PPC versions? Only time will tell, but the graphics look delicious :)


New Pokémon game offers unprecedented interactivity

Playing Pokémon will never be the same again as you take on the role of a Pokémon inPokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team or Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team which are available on the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance SP platforms respectively.

You will be able to chat with other Pokémon in the game, and hopefully forge alliances with more than 380 other Pokémon along the way. This brings interactivity to a whole new level and greatly enhances the gameplay experience.

Looks like Nintendo is yet to be done with the Pokémon cash cow, and if the house of video game ideas keep on rolling out such winners, you can expect nothing but good times ahead.


Portable handheld game, no batteries required

Are you sick and tired of having your PSP or DS Lite dying on you in the most crucial of moments? Why not do away with the stress of remaining battery levels on your handheld with one portable game that does not run on batteries but a dose of enthusiasm and plenty of “never say die” attitude?


Portagames would like to introduce the Rubik Cube, the universal, portable, handheld game that does not even require solar power to run. It takes grit, determination, reflexes, and a keen eye for detail to solve this puzzle. You might be a Sudoku champion in class, but have you ever come up against such a formidable opponent?


Most of the younger generation who grew up on the PlayStation will definitely toss this aside after a few minutes, claiming that it is impossible to solve. I think games these days often take a too linear approach when it comes to gameplay, and this has caused young minds to abandon lateral thinking which could result in poor decision making later in life.


The next time your little one complains about how hard is it to defeat the final boss on their handhelds, why not challenge them to a round of Rubik Cube in Time Mode? Make sure they don’t get the drop on you by downloading the steps to solve it over the Net first :P


Here’s an idea – with the Nintendo DS being all touchy, will some developer pick up the idea of traditional, old school brain games such as this and port it over to the electronic format?

GG Wipeout: Pure

Looks like all good things must come to an end, and it is no different with Wipeout: Pure on the PSP. This is one of the better titles to grace Sony’s troubled portable console, boasting fantastic graphics, great music, and engaging gameplay as far as PSP games go. As with most games, downloadable content was what kept it going long after the initial novelty wore off.

Wipeout: Pure had plenty of new downloadable content months after it was released, virtually increasing gameplay time by two times. Unfortunately, the Wipeout: Pure team seems to have been taken hostage in Iraq as nothing have been heard from them for quite a while now.

No, we’re kidding – there just hasn’t been any new content since the last update and Sony has hammered the final nail in its coffin by announcing the end of downloads in Japan for the moment.

Will this affect new Wipeout downloads in other continents? Only time will tell, but one can always hold out hope that the team went into hiding because they were working on a sequel. Now that would be a happy ending, wouldn’t it?

Sam & Max: Hit the DS?

IGN has an interview with Telltale Games CEO, Dan Connors, about bringing the lovable mutt and rabbit over to the DS and Wii platforms. The original Sam & Max who debuted on the PC about a decade ago (their comic book roots went back even further, around 20 years from today) was a point and click adventure, something which will definitely sit well with the Nintendo DS.

Dan Connors claims that the people at Telltale are willing to put their lives on the line for the DS, but such a small company like theirs will find it extremely challenging to develop an adventure for Sam & Max on that platform. Hopefully Nintendo will offer them the necessary support to get the job done, as Sam & Max is one of the rare gems that fully deserves a sequel (and more) but has yet to see it done.