PSP to receive new Metal Gear

IGN has the scoop on the new Metal Gear Solid Graphic Novel which will be snaking (excuse the pun) its way over to the PSP, drawing from the success of the original. The storyline will continue where Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty left off, giving gamers more of the impeccable Raiden as well as shedding more light on Solid Snake’s story.

There is no word regarding a release date nor a title at the moment, but you can bet your bottom dollar that rabid fans will be stalking out for an announcement just as we are.


GG Wipeout: Pure

Looks like all good things must come to an end, and it is no different with Wipeout: Pure on the PSP. This is one of the better titles to grace Sony’s troubled portable console, boasting fantastic graphics, great music, and engaging gameplay as far as PSP games go. As with most games, downloadable content was what kept it going long after the initial novelty wore off.

Wipeout: Pure had plenty of new downloadable content months after it was released, virtually increasing gameplay time by two times. Unfortunately, the Wipeout: Pure team seems to have been taken hostage in Iraq as nothing have been heard from them for quite a while now.

No, we’re kidding – there just hasn’t been any new content since the last update and Sony has hammered the final nail in its coffin by announcing the end of downloads in Japan for the moment.

Will this affect new Wipeout downloads in other continents? Only time will tell, but one can always hold out hope that the team went into hiding because they were working on a sequel. Now that would be a happy ending, wouldn’t it?

Sam & Max: Hit the DS?

IGN has an interview with Telltale Games CEO, Dan Connors, about bringing the lovable mutt and rabbit over to the DS and Wii platforms. The original Sam & Max who debuted on the PC about a decade ago (their comic book roots went back even further, around 20 years from today) was a point and click adventure, something which will definitely sit well with the Nintendo DS.

Dan Connors claims that the people at Telltale are willing to put their lives on the line for the DS, but such a small company like theirs will find it extremely challenging to develop an adventure for Sam & Max on that platform. Hopefully Nintendo will offer them the necessary support to get the job done, as Sam & Max is one of the rare gems that fully deserves a sequel (and more) but has yet to see it done.


Brain Age cloned!

As the Pocket PC platform isn’t really a viable outlet for beautiful graphics, great games there come mostly from the puzzle genre. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but is that really the case with Advanced Brain Trainer?

The entire operation reeks of rip-off from Nintendo’s Brain Age, with the objective of “stimulating all aspects of one’s mind in a fun and rewarding form of entertainment”, to quote them verbatim.

To give you a better idea of the mini-games found within that aim to improve your memory, focus, reaction time, and logic, check out the following list: -

• Speed count • Drawing over • Shopping list • Four Aces • Parking Check • Memo square• Shape counter • Color Algebra• Cool Cat You can pick up Advanced Brain Trainer for $14.95. It can be played on all major Pocket PCs, smartphones, and the RIM Blackberry. We suggest you give this title a pass if you already have Brain Age for the Nintendo DS.


Cooking Mama not tantalizing enough

IGN has reviewed Majesco Entertainment’s Cooking Mama game for the DS and game away with a full stomach without leaving any memorable taste behind for a second helping. The Nintendo DS has been a runaway success so far, thanks to its vast array of interesting and quirky games which make full use of the stylus, but is this kitchen oriented game capable of holding one’s attention as Trauma Center: Under the Knife did?

Cooking Mama is an extremely niche game which offers some entertainment to help you kill time as you wait for your turn at the post office during your lunch break, but it won’t keep you coming back for more unless you like a challenge when it comes to unlocking new recipes. Why not save yourself all that trouble and Google for the dish that you’ve always wanted to cook up?

You can’t use Cooking Mama as an excuse to hone up your cooking skills while leaving your other half to clean up since all you do in this game is to slice, dice, and stir your way to the end. The addition of a multiplayer option would be nice – imagine a battle of chefs!


PaRappa the Rapper gets jiggy with the PSP

PaRappa the Rapper was one of the more interesting games on the original PlayStation platform that took a much different turn from standard genres on Sony’s blockbuster console. It took many years for PaRappa to make a return to Sony’s fold, but as the age-old adage goes, “Good things come to those who wait.”

Sony recently announced that PaRappa the Rapper will be making its way to the PSP. Longtime fans of this quirky game can rejoice, and there will be some new additions to the beloved original.

Sony mentioned that the PSP version will come with a 4-player AdHoc multiplayer function as well as Game Sharing support. It does lead one to think – if Sony has already planned to introduce PSOne emulation on the PSP, why would they bother to port the game over to the PSP platform instead of introducing it as an emulated game?

One thing I can think of would be the profit margin – an emulated game would definitely retail much less than a fully-fledged release on the platform. Take a look at Nintendo’s strategy when it comes to the Wii’s pricing structure for virtual console games.

The end result of having PaRappa the Rapper on the PSP doesn’t really matter how the question is answered though.


Wither the Gameboy Advance

The Gameboy Advance is well advanced (no pun intended) in its years, and is most probably on its last legs at the moment. After going through three iterations (the original GBA, followed by the GBA SP, and finally the GBA Micro), is this piece of gaming hardware finished?

News of new game releases for the GBA platform hardly causes a ripple in the pool anymore, and even Nintendo-led franchise games that feature Mario cease to translate into a large sales figure. Perhaps the handheld sector has grown more mature over the years, and with kids getting desensitised over the Internet and television these days, it is no wonder the childish endeavours of game developers for the GBA fail to pull in an audience. The fact that a GBA game is a wee bit cheaper than a DS title doesn’t help its cause either.

Those who own a GBA in any one of its three models will most probably have graduated to the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP platforms. Do any of you readers still whip out your GBA once in a while, or is it gathering dust somewhere in the corner of your room?


Are iPod games any good?

As the recently revamped iPod video is capable of playing much more advanced games that what was originally on offer, will it make Apple’s most popular MP3 player the largest portable gaming platform in the process after taking its considerable user base into calculation?

The new slew of games do come with pretty polished graphics that are definitely a step above cellphone games and are on par with most commercial PDA titles. For owners who want to get in the ‘zone’, they can always tune in to their favorite track while chomping down pills in Pac-Man.

The $4.99 price point is also very interesting, as iPod owners will most probably be drawn to Nintendo’s upcoming Wii console that comes in iPod white as well. For a similar amount of money, you can download classic NES games and play them on the Virtual Console over the Wii. Will the clarion call of Super Mario Bros. win over the portable advantage of games made for the iPod?

We will let you draw your very own conclusion, but one thing is guaranteed – the new iPod video works best with simple games that are at home with Apple’s Click Wheel technology, empowering users to challenge the high score constantly with just one hand. Feel free to leave a sound byte below.